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About Sherlock

-We believe that people can be happy at work.


Sherlock Waste- Who we are


What we do

Sherlock Waste is the #1 People Growth Operating System and is the new way to make people love Mondays at work. Let’s transform your company into a great place! In the end, your company will hold talents and earn more money.



Who we are

We are building an enduring company and a platform that emphasizes the value of human connection. We put the customer at the center of everything we do. We are an independent spun off tech company from a large European consulting company.
That is why we are trustworthy, we have hundreds of workshop hours behind us and our consultants have extensive experience in transforming companies.

How we work at Sherlock

How we work

Sherlock’s intense customer focus is central to what we do. Without it we’d be just another SaaS company. We partner with our customers to ensure their success because we understand that happy, successful customers are central to our success.

Our Brand

Our brand is focused on authenticity, transparency, and honesty. We believe in an open future and we believe in friends and partners. These beliefs inform everything we do at Sherlock. It’s our culture and our content



We help awesome companies and large corporations

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