Turn frustration
into innovation.

Your most unhappy employees are your greatest
source of learning.

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Don’t get blind by features. See values.

Transparent and open culture is crucial in innovative companies.


employee engagement

Employees have impact

on their own work environment

Improving the quality

and efficiency of processes

Take down silos

between the HQ and satellites

Transfer knowledge

and mutual assistance between employees


of employee turnover

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We’ve got Sherlock.
What’s your company superpower?

Crowd problem solving is a major key when it comes to the feeling of belonging in a group.
In Sherlock Waste, employees can mark feed collections as “I’ve got the same” and feel a real part of the whole company.


the most important problems

Less chaos

more prioritization

Interaction between employees

creates a sense of bond

Sherlock Waste is a quick, simple and intuitive tool to report problems and ideas for their removal. Sherlock Waste is worth recommending to any company that does not yet have any improvement system in place and that wants to involve employees in this initiative a new.

Paweł Suliński

Director Business Process Excellence Hitachi Vantara

Employees were positively surprised that they could openly talk about problems, and even this is desirable.
Involving people in process improvement helped to get rid of frustration. Satisfaction with work translated into effectiveness of actions and further into financial results.

Przemysław Hopfer CEO KGHM
Przemysław Hopfer

President of the Board - KGHM Metraco

Thanks to the implementation of the Sherlock Waste platform, our company learned about many frustrations of our employees' and gained many ideas for improving operations in the production and office areas

Adrian Goch

Project Management Lead

A manager’s guide

Break free from spreadsheets. Improve your organization and identify successes
and improvements across teams. Get real-time analytics and save time to
download reports.

Get actionable insights

Get actionable insights

Get actionable insights

Get actionable insights

Get actionable insights

Get actionable insights

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Frustrations can by fun.

Company is where people and missions live. Make all employees focus their energy on solving problems worth solving. Let them decide, and make throwing problems fun through gamification. Reward the most active users and substantive points that can be exchanged for something valuable e.g cinema tickets or whatever your organization want.


employee motivation


employee motivation


employee motivation

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We employ the latest security techniques to ensure your data is safe
and compliant with all appropriate legislation.
That’s why we are a trusted supplier to numerous banks and
multinational corporations.

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