KGHM Case Study

27 Wrz 2019 | Tags: ClientStories

KGHM Metraco Case Study

KGHM Metraco

How a global leader in the mining industry had saved Several hundred thousand dollars due to the use of Sherlock Waste.

Main tasks

KGHM Metraco is responsible for the closed-loop economy of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., which results in the formation of high-quality road aggregates, metallic rhenium and copper concentrate from the lining. In addition, it is responsible for the sale of road salt, purchases and stream of deliveries of copper scrap to the smelters of KGHM Polska Miedź.


The scale of the problems ranges from inefficient papyrology to installation errors and poor delivery of aggregates that have to be repacked later. What was needed was a tool that would help to involve employees in identifying problems and pointing out the most important ones to be solved, so that the work could run more efficiently.

Sherlock Waste & KGHM

Problems & Solution 

KGHM Metraco uses a new system for reporting and solving problems in the form of a mobile Sherlock Waste application. Each employee was given access to a mobile and browser application, which enabled them to report the problem immediately after it occurred.

 In the first month of using the application, as many as 60 problems were reported. The list of issues to be solved included:

– wasting paper – excessive printouts of GM, the possibility of replacing paper cards with electronic records

– waste of time during document creation (long data processing by the KGHM system and unnecessary windows popping up during invoicing.) With 20 invoices posted, that meant wasting up to an hour’s work!

– waiting for the acceptance of transfers – lack of authorization to accept transfers for low amounts by people from outside the management board. In the case of their holidays or trips, payments were much more difficult

– problems with access to the warehouse – tight interior and several door pairs that cannot be opened at the same time due to a blockade – and thus the transport of aggregate, which weighs 250 kg, is prolonged

– not suitable for unloading outside the building – Not able to drive on paving stones, which means that employees have to carry the products manually

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