Why the feedback is important at work?

27 Wrz 2019 | Tags: First tag, Office, Startup

Why the feedback is important at work?

Did you know that many poor results at the workplace come from lack of feedback? If employees don’t get any feedback, they won’t improve, and as a result – your business.
Good feedback is the key to the success of the whole company. It’s information about a person’s performance or outcomes. Communicated well, will make the work environment better and more efficient. It will also give employees directions and the purpose of how to achieve their goals.


Feedback should be given in a clear and precise way. It can be either positive or negative, but both are essential in your companies daily communication.
The purpose of positive feedback is to appreciate someone’s work, engagement or dedication. It also boosts employees’ confidence and states his position as a member of a company. The effect is that he feels that his work is important and visible.

Giving negative feedback is not that easy. It can become stressful for both the manager and the employee. It can showroom for improvement and motivate to grow if done right.


Constructive feedback is valuable for both sides. First of all, it gives us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. If we don’t know what we did wrong, then we will do it again and again – and that’s not the point. The goal is to learn and improve.
The next thing is progress. It allows to reflect on situations and makes us put things into perspective. It’s key to building a successful business. Also, the feedback gives a feeling of belonging and importance. The employee needs to feel wanted if he’s going to be productive – and that’s what every employer wants.

Remember, effective feedback can profit the whole company. You should be able to do it well. If correctly done, it will be a pillar for consistent business progress and will increase employee retention.

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