We support innovation at Kramp Polska. Case Study in the commerce industry

Customer: Kramp Sp. z o.o.

Number of employees: 528

Industry: warehousing and retail

Sector: agricultural, technical

Duration: Sherlock Waste system was implemented in November 2020


In November 2021, we celebrated the first year of cooperation with Kramp. The company has an open organisational culture and building relationships based on commitment inscribed in its DNA.

Before implementing Sherlock Waste, Kramp was using a different suggestion system that did not live up to expectations. The number of notifications and resolved problems did not reach the expected level. Also, the rate of unhandled notifications was too high, which resulted in decreasing employee engagement. In the light of Kramp’s past experiences, we knew we faced the challenge of restoring trust in the suggestion system among the company employees.

We started our cooperation with a pilot project in selected teams. Its results were above expectations, so in the next stage, the company decided to cover its entire structure with the program. This is how we build our common history today – we deliver engaging technology, while Kramp squeezes the best out of it by creating innovative solutions and improving processes, products and services.

During one year 5 times more ideas were submitted and the company implemented 300 ideas more than in the previous suggestion system for 2 years.

Why did the company decide to implement Sherlock?

The company’s values are built on four pillars – commitment, cooperation, putting customer satisfaction first and supporting pro-innovation attitudes. Kramp saw the potential of the app to support and make better use of each of them.

  • Commitment. The company searched for a solution that would build shared responsibility and awareness of the real impact on the company’s results among employees.
  • Cooperation. The company searched for a way to revive the willingness to share ideas and problems in teams. The previous suggestion system caused frustration among staff as their ideas were not handled or considered.
  • Customer satisfaction comes first. The company faced difficulties with the flow of information due to its dispersed nature and large size. It searched for a tool that would enable to collect all problems in one place and manage them effectively in order to provide customers with the top quality.
  • Entrepreneurship. Kramp was searching for a suggestion system that would develop an attitude of proactivity and initiative among employees, which will encourage them to submit ideas to take responsibility for improving and optimizing products and services.


Processes and stages of actions

Stage 1:

Customer needs analysis.

Stage 2:

Workshops, within which the goals of the implementation and its scope were set, and the data necessary to configure the application for the company were acquired.

Stage 3:

A pilot project involving 288 employees from Logistics and Retail departments (10 Grene stores).

Stage 4:

Multi-channel information campaign (e.g. Intranet, internal forum, Yammer, Kramp TV)

Stage 5:

Implementation of the Sherlock Waste application in the entire company with 582 employees.

Stage 6:

Maintaining employee engagement.

Key challenges associated with the implementation of a continuous improvement system

Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge was to restore trust in the suggestion system and boost the morale of employees who felt frustrated. In order to achieve this, at the stage of preparation for the pilot project, we cooperated with Kramp to develop goals and indicators that will prove the success of the implementation.

A key issue was also to improve the flow of information about problems between the company’s branches and Grene stores. The nature of the suggestion system made this possible. Notifications in the application are visible to all employees, no matter where they are, and the tool itself enables internal communication.

Applied solutions

  • The roll-out of the application was carried out for the entire company through 18 implementation trainings conducted in smaller groups. Owing to the division of employees into teams, we were able to better convey knowledge and answer all participants’ questions.
  • In order to shape employee engagement, the company introduced a quarterly competition. The most active users are rewarded for being proactive in improving the organization.
  • The Business Effects Calculator has been implemented. As a result, the company knows how much savings will be generated by the problems solved.
  • Sherlock’s ambassadors took part in a Lean game, during which they learned about the process of identifying problems and eliminating waste.
  • Three application administrators have been appointed and trained. Their role is to moderate the notifications, ensure that the problems are solved on a regular basis and the activity of employees is high.
  • A category study has been developed to help employees correctly categorize notifications.


What are the results of work with Sherlock Waste?



reported problems


reported ideas


problems solved (56%)


employee engagement rate in the application


employees using the application



About KRAMP Sp. z o.o.

Kramp Polska is part of the Kramp Group, the largest European distributor of spare parts and accessories for the agricultural and technical sector. The group has been present on the market for 70 years. It employs over 3,000 employees in logistics centres and sales offices located in 24 European countries. The company’s portfolio includes over 500,000 products for the agricultural, horticultural, earthmoving and OEM industries. Its sales channels include an online store or a mobile application, and it is a franchiser of the Grene chain of stores.

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