Share ideas. Solve problems. Engage employees. Increase efficiency.

Sherlock Waste is a platform where all employees solve the most frustrating problems and share interesting ideas to increase job satisfaction and make your business more effective.


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Raise satisfaction

Only 15% of people around the world feel satisfied with their work and are actively involved in it.
Sherlock is made to change that.

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Build engagement

When people feel that they have an impact on change, their involvement grows automatically.

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Performance reviews

Instantly identify issues and track solutions. We’ll show you how each ideas and employees are perform. You’ll be able to add changes and give impact in real time.

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Give everyone
the opportunity to report
and solve problems

Involve all employees in identifying and solving problems in your
company. Turn everyday frustration into innovative ideas!

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Employee ideas and frustrations can be developed into goal-oriented collections. When your people have space to voice their ideas and problems, they feel empowered and valued.


Finally your people will be able to set goals to company and drive real changes. This process is transparent form start to finish - your people will feel included, inspired, motivated and part of something bigger.


Sherlock scales people together and breaks down silos at one time.
Everyone can comment and give feedback each other with no hard feelings.


Identify top innovators & teams and celebrate success.

Experience that
drives change.

We believe every employee’s opinion is valuable. That’s why we built the most inclusive and accessible solution in the industry.
Sherlock’s wall at glance:

  1. Employees can easily add problems to the wall
  2. They fully can vote & decide which problems to eliminate first
  3. Manager can highlight the best people and the most active teams



Case studies

Raise satisfaction and builds
the team’s engagement

Involve employees in identifying waste

Let them decide which problems to eliminate in 1st

Appriciate the best people and the most active teams

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„Employees were positively surprised
that they could openly talk about problems,
and even this is desirable.
Involving people in process improvement helped to get rid of frustration.
Satisfaction with work translated
into the effectiveness of actions and further
into financial results.”

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