Share ideas. Solve problems. Engage employees.

Sherlock Waste is a platform where all employees solve 

the most frustrating problems and share interesting ideas 

to increase job satisfaction and make your business more 


If you are a leader of


And you have this mission...

To help your organization engage and empower all employees to result in top performance and retention of talent…


Transparent and open culture is crucial in innovative companies.

Increase employee engagement

Employees have impact on their own work environment

Take down silos between the HQ and satellites

Improving the quality and efficiency of processes

Transfer knowledge and mutual assistance between employees

Reduction of employee’s turnover


Technology designed for all the ways your employees want to work.

Crowd problem solving is a major key when it comes to the feeling of belonging in a group.

In Sherlock Waste, employees can mark feed collections as “I’ve got the same” and feel a real part of the whole company.


How Sherlock Waste help

Company is where people and missions live. Make all employees focus their energy on solving problems worth solving. Let them decide, and make throwing problems fun through gamification. Reward the most active users and substantive points that can be exchanged for something valuable e.g cinema tickets or whatever your organization want.


Employee ideas and frustrations can be developed into goal-oriented collections. When your people have space to voice their ideas and problems, they feel empowered and valued.


Finally your people will be able to set goals to company and drive real changes. This process is transparent form start to finish - your people will feel included, inspired, motivated and part of something bigger.


Identify top innovators & teams and celebrate success.


Sherlock scales people together and breaks down silos at one time.
Everyone can comment and give feedback each other with no hard feelings.

Trusted the world's most disruptive big and small companies & institutions

Employees were positively surprised that they
could openly talk about problems, and even this
is desirable. Involving people in process
improvement helped to get rid of frustration.
Satisfaction with work translated into
effectiveness of actions and further into
financial results.

Przemysław Hopfer

Board director at KGHM Metraco

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